Koinonia Bible Camp and Training Center







Property to be used for the Koinonia Bible Camp was donated to the Pangasinan Bible Mission in 2010. Since then many activities have taken place in the undeveloped Mango grove. There is no place quite like this location provided for a local campsite. Since there is no other Christian camp in Pangasinan, any activity such as a retreat or camp program for any of the churches requires a significant amount of travel to other provinces. The expense of traveling these distances excludes many of the members of the Pangasinan churches from participating in these special, life-changing activities.

As a ministry reaching out to families, a very important part of Pangasinan Bible MissionĀ is the youth outreaches through camp retreats and sports events. In order to grow this ministry a piece of property in the center of the province of Pangasinan was donated to the Pangasinan Bible Mission to develop and use for camp ministry and for missionary pastor / church leader training and conferences.

This campsite location is secluded from the busy city activities and traffic, yet is only a short distance to travel from many parts of the province of Pangasinan. The Bible camp and conference center will serve the local evangelical churches of Pangasinan by providing a location where they can hold special activities that will strengthen the believers in their faith and where they can invite non-believers into an informal setting where they will be confronted with their need for a Savior.

Presently, in its undeveloped condition, the use of this property is very limited in the ways it can be used in ministry. The Lord has provided a Filipino contractor and architect who have assisted the Pangasinan Bible Mission to prepare a proposed development plan for this 4,500 sq. meter piece of property. This development proposed will prepare the property for a wide range of ministry and outreach opportunities.

Click on this link to open a document that gives more details on the Koinonia Bible Camp

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